GET 9+ Using These CELPIP Speaking Tips on Task 1 [Giving Advice]

This task gives you 90 seconds of speaking, the key technique here is to think of two ideas. Take note of the following tips:
1. Greetings and Introduction
You are giving advice but it is important to share common courtesy to let them know of your presence. You can then explain your intention of sharing advice.
2. Give recommendations
Make this brief
3. Give your reasons
Explain why this suggestion is a good one. Many test-takers forget to do this and quickly jump to the next suggestion and end up missing the opportunity to explain the reasons for the suggestion.
4. Share what can happen
This is different from giving explanations. Give the positive consequence of your suggestion. You may phrase it in the conditional tense (E.g., If you do some research first, you can avoid many problems in the future)
5. Give concluding advice
These are some concluding tips that might be what the person has to be careful of or just
6. Wrap up with best wishes
Just goodbye and wish the person good luck. You could offer to help more in the future.
P.S. What was the best advice you’ve heard before that is still something you practice and follow?