How to Prepare for the CELPIP Exam

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How to Prepare for the CELPIP Exam to Effectively Score a 9+?

Are you wanting to take the CELPIP test, but not sure which one you need? Here’s everything you need to know to make sure you choose the right English exam for your needs! 
The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) tests are Canada’s leading English language proficiency tests for immigration and for professional designation.
The two available CELPIP tests are CELPIP – General and CELPIP – General LS.
What Is the Difference? 


The CELPIP – General Test tests candidates on the four English skills of reading, listening, writing, and speaking. This test is a completely computerized setting in a CELPIP Test Centre and takes about three hours in total.
CELPIP – General LS Test stands for general Listening and Speaking. It tests candidates only on the skills of listening and speaking. This test is also completed online in one sitting in a CELPIP Test Centre, but it only takes about one hour to complete. This test is only available in Canada. 
How Do I Know Which to Take?
Before you begin test preparation or book your CELPIP test, you first need to confirm which test you need to take. For visa and immigration purposes, CELPIP is an approved English language test by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
The CELPIP – General Test is used for Permanent Residency applications and Skilled Immigrants (Express Entry).
The CELIP – General LS Test is NOTaccepted for Express Entry. However, the CELPIP – General LS Test is approved for Canadian Citizenship applications. 
If you are required to take the CELPIP test for your career or college entry, you will need to confirm with that organization test they require you to sit.  

How Do I Prepare for the CELPIP Exam? 

If you want to pass your CELPIP test the first time, the best way is through guided practice with real-life teachers and expert feedback.
The great news is that HZad Education now has a self-paced package online for CELPIP test prep! They have been specially designed to teach you everything you need to know in order to successfully prepare for and pass the test the first time.  

Here is the link to access the course:

The self-paced packages are from day 1 to 15, which allow you to study for your test online, while still having help from real-life teachers.
Each day is a whole package of content. They will have an instructional video of what you need to do and the instructors on the video teach you what to expect in each part of the test and how to do well. There are online practice materials, test items, full practice tests, Live Classes in real-time, and even 1:1 tutorials available. 
SELF-PACED lessons have been one of the best courses we’ve had so far this summer. It’s easy. Convenient. AND Affordable.

Here is the course curriculum:

Understanding Writing:

  • The use of writing templates that can be copied and pasted
  • Examples of writing questions
  • Sample writing answers (good and bad)
  • Writing structures and task response

Upgrading Writing:

  • Use of correct and complex punctuation marks
  • Use of complex vocabulary
  • Use of complex phrases
  • Use of complex sentences
  • Understanding basic wordings and how to remove them
  • Learning the magic connectors that examiners deeply admire
  • Understanding what ‘low frequency’ vocabulary means and how to use it
  • Learning daily vocabulary exercises that you can build on overtime
  • Understanding how to brainstorm and proofread effectively
  • Understanding how to write 150-200 words in 20 minutes

Removing Speaking Errors:

  • Improve your knowledge on fillers
  • Improve your time management
  • Use ready made templates (copy/paste)
  • Working on defining the primary and secondary points in the picture questions
  • Focusing on quality over quantity
  • Making sure task response is understood
  • Having accurate descriptions based on complete structures

Upgrading Speaking:

  • Avoiding basic words and replace them with low frequency vocabulary
  • Using complex words, phrases, and sentences
  • Effectively using connectors and phrasal verbs
  • Learn common mistakes in task response and how to avoid them every time
  • Learn how to define answers in depth but within the time limit
  • Examples of proficient speaking examples
  • How to practice and assess speaking on your own
  • How to use the right tone for formal and informal topics


  • How to quickly find answers without reading everything
  • How to understand the question and options without falling into the paraphrasing trap
  • How to find the part of the passage to read for particular questions
  • How to use keywords to your advantage
  • How to get answers from the tone of the discussion
  • How to interpret feelings and emotions of the subjects mentioned
  • How to manage time effectively
  • How to pick between two close answers
  • How to eliminate the incorrect answers
  • How to use the tone to answer questions (if your time is limited)
  • How to make your comprehension skills sharper


  • Master the art of note-taking
  • How to listen and remember particular information
  • How to anticipate questions
  • How to pick the best option among multiple choice questions
  • How to understand emotions and feelings of the characters
  • Learning to combine note-taking and memory skills to answer questions
  • Learn how to differentiate among two or more close options
  • Develop a system of organizing dozens of pieces of information
  • Learn how to summarize the conversation in your head
  • Learn how to paraphrase the question to relate with the conversation
  • Learn how to sharpen English listening skills
  • Be alert about unexpected exam surprises

Bonus Lessons:

  • Understand the examiner marking criteria
  • Learn what kind of samples get students 10+ in writing and speaking
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of all modules
  • Avoid student and examiner traps
  • Understand how the actual exam environment will be like
  • Learn your best approach if this is your 2nd, 3rd or a later attempt
  • Understand how this course gets you closer to your immigration dreams
  • Improve your overall English skills in the process
  • Learn how each point improvement works and how you will be scored
  • Develop a system where you can practice, assess and improve continuously
  • Be flooded with tons of resources, support, material, and techniques
  • Develop confidence in your ability to ensure your next attempt will be your final attempt
Looking forward to hearing from you – talk to you soon! 🙂