How to Practice Impromptu Speech

When it comes to speech, it’s important to understand certain skills to be a great public speaker. These strategies involve a commitment to practice and time.
Here are some tips and tricks when you might be put on the spot to share your thoughts on certain things:
1. Anticipate situations where you may be called up to speak.    
There will be times when your friend might randomly share a specific story where you were involved and they might ask you to share that part of the story. It could be as small as when you went to a store, met a new friend, etc.
Depending on the context and what type of discussions you are in – you can always think on the spot of how you could wrap your answers.
2. Wrap your response around a simple template, or framework.
  • P.R.E.P (Point, Reason, Example, Point).
  • Issue, Pros vs. Cons, conclusions.
  • 5 W’s: Who, What, Where, and Why Questions.
3. Turn your session into Q & A session.
Sometimes when we are put in the spotlight and not quite sure what to say about certain topics, you can also use the question and answer portion – where you ask the question and have your audience answer questions or vice versa.
4. Use Personal Stories.
I like this. When it comes to giving examples – personal stories are always the best to share with. You’ve experienced it, you remember it and it’s a perfect transition to the potential next topic.
5. Avoid the tendency to go on and on.
Be careful when telling personal stories though. Make sure to time how long your story should be to avoid going on rabbit trails.
6. Go Easy on yourself.
Have fun with it!