CELPIP 15 Hour Course. Now Highly Discounted!

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Here is what our famous (internet’s best-selling) 15-Hour CELPIP Course (Self-Paced) can do for you! 
This is our best offer for online sessions and it even comes with materials on all four modules. Once again, the improvement here IS GUARANTEED! If you feel like this course has not been valuable to you, even after going through the entire thing, just let us know and we will refund you all your moneyWe are that confident in this course!
You can finish it in a day or in a week, completely up to you since it is self-paced.

You will get 15 folders, each with:


Proven 10+ (copy/paste) templates for writing and speaking

Sample materials from top students, alongside instructor feedback, for listening, reading, writing, and speaking to better understand how you are being critiqued

Detailed accounts for special punctuation, vocabulary and sentence structures that need to be used in the speaking and writing exams in order to align with the examiner criteria

The use of complex and simple sentences

Simplified strategies to read quicker and answer questions correctly

Secret note-taking strategies for listening

Also, master the art of timing all modules

400+ CELPIP based words (and now 400 more bonus words!)

And so much more!

All the content is effectively organized so you can take the course step-by-step and effectively digest ALL THE EXAM SECRETS YOU NEED JUST BEFORE YOUR TEST DATE.
To register, the amount is just $49 ONLY FOR THE NEXT 72 HOURS. As you know, this course now is $79 and will revert to its original price if you decide to sign up after three days.
A great exam result is guaranteed with this 15-hour CELPIP training. Get a 9+ in speaking, writing, listening, and reading by using these tips.

Finally, here is the link to grab your copy while the offer lasts: https://hzadeducation.com/product/classes-celpip/


Further course info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Da_2dIzjHg&t=1s