Popular ones are:

· How many hours is a usual class? 

A. 2 hours.

· How long will it take for me to get ready? 

A. It really depends on your current English/Math level and your desired requirements. We will need to do a free test in order to assess that; it should take 1.5 hours only for that test. 

· How do I send you writing online?

 A. You can type it or write it on paper and take a picture of it, then attach it to the email that you will eventually send the teacher. 

· How long will it take you to mark my writing? 

A. Within 48 hours, you will receive a response. 

· Are online classes better than face-to-face? 

A. Both work absolutely the same way. The online classes can be on video and provide exactly the same experience. However, it does add the elements of convenience (of taking the class from home), saving money/time (on transport) and being able to share the screen with the student (to give the real life experience); so yes, in a way it’s actually better! We do have 95% of our students online which means they are definitely enjoying that experience more! 

· I got a better price from some other tutor for my classes and/or assignment. Can you beat that? 

A. 110% yes! Let us know what you found elsewhere and we will beat that price! 

· What do students usually say about your online classes? 

A. They absolutely love the ease and interaction of the online classes. Many people are fearful with the new online world but it takes only our first class or our YouTube videos (regarding these classes) to convince the students of the benefits. You can check them out on our website as well. If that doesn’t help, just check out our reviews, most of which are based on online classes. 

· How long is the teachers’ experience? And are they certified? 

A. Each teacher has more than 15 years of experience and yes, ALL of them are certified. 

· Will you check my homework? 

A. For sure. We recommend you do as much homework as possible so we can check more of it J 

· Do you have group sessions only or one-on-one sessions as well? 

A. Both. It’s cheaper with group sessions however. 

· What kind of nationalities do you usually teach?

 A. Any and all. 

· How confident are you that you can help me pass? 

A. Again, check out our reviews, our 98% proven success rate and our first free class. That will automatically give you the answer ;) 

· Do you provide tips? 

A. Yes along with several templates and samples that are very detailed and target the specific examiner’s requirements. 

· Will my money be refunded if I fail?

A. Yes, but only with the “Guaranteed Results Package”. 

· Are the payments weekly or monthly? 

A. Both methods are accepted. 

· Do I get discounts for taking more classes? 

A. For sure! The amount of discount depends on the number of classes taken. 

· Is the crash course more expensive? 

A. Yes it is, since we have to make several changes to our daily plans to get a crash course in there. Also, the content of the crash course is highly valuable and hence the price is based on the top-notch quality of the course. 

· What if I have to cancel a class? 

A. You can reschedule if you have to cancel the class (within that week). In case you won’t be able to do that, a 50% payment of that class will need to be made.