Some CELPIP writing techniques to boost your score!

Hi guys!
When doing writing in CELPIP, there are lots of situations you face where are you want to figure out a better way to use sentences and phrases. Here is a list of the situations you might want to write on, and how to make those common wordings unique and complex with better phrasing that will make it impressive for the examiner to help you achieve a 9 or 10!
1. Instead of saying “On the other hand, let’s look at the other option.”, say “Nonetheless, for the sake of playing devil’s advocate…..”
2. Instead of saying “Option A is better”, say “Option A seems to be the viable selection”
3. Instead of saying “Option A will not be good”, say “Option A will not yield the apropos result”
4. Instead of saying “(something) should be done”, say “It is imperative that (something) is undertaken”
5. Instead of saying “Option A will provide…… and also provide…….”, say “The pros of Option A are not simply limited to……. but also expand to areas of…….”
6. Instead of saying “I am writing to complain about”, say “The purpose of my writing is to lodge a complaint regarding…”
7. Instead of saying “My suggestion will be….”, say “If I may, it is highly recommended to….”
8. Instead of saying “I was very upset”, say “I couldn’t help but be despondent at the state of…”
9. Instead of saying “Please fix this as soon as possible.”, say “Please remedy the situation as it is a time-sensitive matter.”
10. Instead of saying “I want to invite you guys over to visit me”, say “My doors are always open awaiting a visit from your beautiful family!”
Use these simple techniques and your writing mark will be boosted with a smiling face from the examiner 🙂