Vocabulary Test! Change these sentences into fancy ones!

Guys, check out this awesome sentence transformation exercise! That’s what we are all about here at HZad Education, transforming our sentences from basic to advanced. Subscribe to our blog for more awesome content like this and every week you will learn how to make your English better with plenty of words, phrases and phrasal verbs.
Speaking like below will make you sound fancy, give you a variety of services and choices to speak from and give your English level a whole new boost!
1. I am starving = I AM FAMISHED!
2. I love this = I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS
3. This is unacceptable = THIS IS DISTASTEFUL
4. That’s a funny movie = THAT MOVIE IS LUDICROUS
5. She is fat = SHE IS OBESE
6. The kid’s laugh is so cute = THE KID’S LAUGH IS HEAVENLY
7. He is so convincing = HIS ARGUMENTS ARE SWAYING
8. He is so handsome = HE IS SO TANTALIZING
9. She is so beautiful = SHE IS SO RAVISHING
10. The food was delicious = THE FOOD WAS SO APPETIZING
11. I hate you = I LOATHE YOU
12. You are my role model = YOU ARE THE PARAGON OF SOCIETY
13. I need this opportunity = I NEED THIS GOOD FORTUNE
14. I want to enjoy this weather = I WANT TO RELISH THIS WEATHER
15. I keep thinking about the vacation = I KEEP DWELLING ON THE VACATION
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