The Power of Tongue Twisters!

Tongue twisters are words that challenge even native speakers! They are cleverly inserted in one very difficult sentence, like:
“She sells seashells at a seashore”.
Say it.
It will be so damn difficult!
So why do we need them and where to find some good ones?
Firstly, this link is probably the best one:
Tongue Twisters link:
(It has the most popular and challenging tongue twisters that ever existed!)
Secondly, there are a ton of reasons why they can improve your English speaking:
1. They will make it easy for you to speak faster when your mouth movements become natural
2. They improve your pronunciation and accent
3. They can be used for warm up! I use them before my YT videos and you can use them before your exam or your next job interview. The most famous comedians, public speakers, politicians, and actors, and several more notable professionals use tongue twisters right before a huge act!
4. They are a challenging exercise, and hence, can be a lot of fun!
Rules for you to practice them:
1. You should first read all of them slow, then read all of them again at the fastest possible pace you can!
2. When you are able to easily manage the above. Read each tongue twister at least 3 times, do it with the next one and so on.
3. Do this activity at least 3-4 times a week to develop the right pronunciation habits and to build speed.
4. Feel free to sound dumb! Everyone does! Tongue twisters are just that type of exercise where you notice a ton of ‘fails’ but with more practice, you can get rid of them easily!
Good luck!