The Best English Expressions to Use!

Learn these 15 new words for day-to-day conversation. It will make you sound smoother, just how native speakers talk!
This will be handy for writing and speaking! These words are also going to be familiar to your ear as many people probably have used this with you before. Whether you are at work, with friends or simply learning better phrases for your IELTS/CELPIP/OET/PTE/TOEFL/SAT exams, or writing/speaking, HZad Education has you covered!
Here they are:
1. miss out: failing to use the opportunity of something
2. misrule: inappropriate use of power by a country’s leaders
3. neck and neck: very competitive
4. expedient: something convenient to do even if it is immoral
5. face-value: the assumed value of something
6. tell me about it: said when you have experienced something that the other person is telling you about
7. you’re telling me: said to express you are in agreement with the other person
8. pandora’s box: when you open a pandora’s box, you open a bunch of problems
9. deadbeat: not willing to work; lazy
10. half-wit: an informal way to tell someone they are not smart
11. diehard: someone unwilling to change in their belief
12. icebreaker: conversation starter
13.: insofar as: to the extent that
14. streamline: to make a process more efficient
15. advantaged: a position where you are in the advantage
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