Top 15 Very USABLE Phrasal Verbs!

These 15 phrases are best used to describe situations where you are angry or uneasy! Excellent words to learn when you need to define your frustrations!
This will be handy for writing and speaking! These words are also going to be familiar to your ear as many people probably have used this with you before. Whether you are at work, with friends or simply learning better phrases for your IELTS/CELPIP/OET/PTE/TOEFL/SAT exams, or writing/speaking, HZad Education has you covered!
Here they are:
1. bump into: meet someone unexpectedly
2. burn out: get extremely tired of doing something
3. go off on someone: get angry or mad at someone
4. slack off: working with less effort
5. speak up: express your opinion on something that you feel strongly about
6. tear something down: destroy something
7. wind up: to end up in an unexpected (and usually bad) situation
8. pass something up: to pass on an opportunity
9. rip-off: something that you bought or used which was worth way lesser than what you initially thought: “This expensive shirt was a rip-off”
10. get along with: to be able to make friends or good relationship with someone
11. wipe out: exhaust someone: “The work today wiped me out”
12. chill out: to calm down
13.: ask around: to ask question(s) to different people
14. put up with: deal with something unfavorable
15. touch up: to improve something
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