The Writing Process: Use these steps for better writing

PRE-WRITE: rewriting is the process of brainstorming – generating ideas, gathering information, and organizing what you already know.
This first process is where you brainstorm your thoughts and ideas by using the Venn diagram, bullet points, categorical list, etc. This will help you organize your thoughts and process exactly what you want to write.
DRAFT: drafting is the process of taking an idea that has formed in your head and putting it onto paper.
This is basically where you write down all of the objectives you’ve constructed in your mind and write down practically all the ideas you can think of onto your paper.
REVISE: Revising is taking your draft and making any changes or improvements.
Revising helps you see the bigger picture of what is missing or what needs to change in your paper. This is a crucial step to make sure that you are able to convey your message through writing.
Edit: Editing is the process of making your written piece more readable, coherent, or understandable.
The last step is to make sure your writing is clear and intelligible. You need to read your piece and make sure to edit grammatical errors so the writing is more cohesive and easy to read.
PUBLISH: Once you have completed all the stages of the writing process, you can publish your piece of writing.