Have you been struggling to listen well? Did you know that it takes practice for one to master the skill to listen?
I’d like to share with you one great tip to practice listening.
Listening to true stories is a great way to improve your listening skills. Storytellers are everywhere, you can find them anywhere on social media like Spotify, Youtube, etc.
But, I’ve recently heard of The Moth Radio Hour…. It’s a free storytelling radio show that you can listen to as a podcast.
Their stories are all true and endearing…. I bet you’ll enjoy their stories as much as I do!
The best way to practice listening is to start on something you are interested in. Storytelling especially true stories will always be engaging.
AND what’s great about podcasts is that you can multitask while listening to any stories you like!
Try making this a habit. You can listen to them on the train, while cooking, in the car, etc.
When you make this a habitual part of your routine, you will benefit from learning new vocabulary words, everyday expressions, complex sentences, etc.
My challenge for you this week is to choose a true story that you like, listen to it, and re-tell the stories to your family and friends.
Have a wonderful day! 🙂