Transitional Phrases You Need to Memorize

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When it comes to writing a letter, email, or basically any message to share on paper, you must be able to express your thoughts clearly – otherwise, the reader will get confused about what you are trying to convey.
The biggest thing that examiners look for is well-thought-out expressions and phrases that solidify the sound of your personality. They like to be able to hear your voice through your writing.
This means, that when you are to write an email, you still need to sound professional.
I’m glad you’re here because here are transitional phrases you should remember:
P.S. You would use these transition words like also, in addition, and, likewise, add information, reinforce, ideas, and express agreement with preceding material.
· In the first place
· Not only… but also
· As a matter of fact
· In like manner
· In addition
· Coupled with
· In the same fashion/way
· First, second, third
· In the light of
· Not to mention
· To say nothing of
· Equally important
· By the same token
· Again
· To
· And
· Also
· Then
· Equally
· Identically
· Uniquely
· Like
· As
· Too
Remember, the more varieties of transition phrases you use, the higher score you will receive.
Hope this is helpful! 🙂