Reasons Why You’re Not Improving Your English

I found out why it’s easy for you to make mistakes while speaking English!
A lot of non-native English speakers tend to give up when speaking. Sometimes, we focus so much on trying to be perfect when speaking but this actually makes it impossible without feeling disappointed. Then we walk away from certain conversations feeling bad about the way we speak.
Here’s my first encouragement to you…
You are not alone! Don’t give up just because you’ve had way too many mistakes. 
Self-reflection helps but…
Which one of these problems do you have that you know you need to work on?
1. Feeling stressed or scared
This happens to everyone. When we feel stressed or scared, these feelings stop usfrom doing our best
That’s why it’s essential to try to control your feelings and change your mindset about speaking English. 
It’s also important to practice as often as possible as this helps you overcome these feelings with time. 
2. Not enough practice 
If you learn a lot of English but don’t practice what you learn by speaking with other peopleyou will not be able to use the things you’ve understood correctly. 
You will have a lot of information but won’t know how to use it
3. Too much to remember 
This one is also related to practice. If you learn too many words or grammar rulesit will be much easier to make mistakes when trying to use or remember all the words or grammar. 
It’s important to know how to use the knowledge you have instead of always learning new things. 
4. Not enough preparation
To make fewer mistakes, it’s always a good idea to prepare before speakingespecially if you know what you want to speak about and with who
You can prepare ideas, words, and even phrases to use.
Which of these things causes you to make mistakes, and more importantly, what will you do to work on these issues? 
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