LEARN YOUR IDIOM: Halloween Themed

Yesterday, here in Canada was the first day of fall- this means a new season has come.
This means new things is coming our way and we are so fortunate to have you on this journey with us, HZad fam!
It has been such a fun way to see new things unfold, whether that would be celebrating each and every one of you for passing your CELPIP/IELTS/English exam or you were to receive approval for immigration express entry. Whatever it is, we are celebrating with you! 
Today, I just want to share some fall theme lessons. Specifically on Halloween. You see, Halloween is a huge thing here in Canada and it is important that you know some ways to communicate these things.
Idioms are everywhere in English, from books and movies to conversations and texts. They can be tricky to learn because these expressions don’t literally mean what they say, so it’s a good thing that students usually enjoy learning them! Make it more interesting by teaching idioms related to a certain theme, such as Halloween. You’ll find a list of spooktacular Halloween idioms below!

Halloween Idioms

Scared stiff – very frightened (so scared that a person can’t move)
ExampleWhen I saw the giant spider in my shower this morning, I was scared stiff.
Deathtrap- a building or other structure that is dangerous
Example: That old roller coaster is a death trap. It will collapse one day if they don’t fix it.
Come back to haunt someone – to make a mistake that will affect a person later on
Example: I skipped school a month ago, and now it’s come back to haunt me because my parents just found out.
Make one’s blood boil – to cause a person to be very angry
Example: When my boss ignores me during a meeting, it really makes my blood boil.
Skeleton(s) in one’s closet / skeleton(s) in the cupboard- an embarrassing secret (or secrets)
Example: If you decide to become a politician, be aware that reporters will look for skeletons in your closet.
Witching hour- midnight
Example: Last Halloween, we stayed up till the witching hour listening to “Thriller,” the famous song by Michael Jackson.
Ghost town- an area that’s empty and devoid of life or activity
Example: My hometown becomes a ghost town after 9:00 pm every night. There’s nothing to do!
Blind as a bat – not able to see well
Example: My grandmother really shouldn’t be driving anymore. She’s as blind as a bat these days.
Night owl – a person who loves staying up late
ExampleMy brother is an early bird who likes to study in the morning, but I’m a night owl so I always study at night.
The cat’s out of the bag / let the cat out of the bag – ? ? ? ? ? [what do you think this means?] 
Here is a sentence sample:
We weren’t going to tell anyone we were expecting a baby for three months, but my mom posted it on Facebook, so the cat’s out of the bag.
Let us know what the last one means in the comments below!
Happy guessing!